Tina Karol “ripped” with two men, the balance was lost – “I Want love”

Тина Кароль "бахнула" с двумя мужчинами, Балан где-то потерялся - "Хочется любви"

today, 23:06

After the final of the national selection for the international competition “Eurovision-2020” Ukrainian singer Tina Karol joined the discussion comments of users of social networks, which have already started other members of the jury Danilko and Vitaly Drozdov.

Video of the debate posted on his page on YouTube publishing a “RUMOR”.

Carol was silent at this meeting, which was accompanied by active consumption of champagne, but turned out to be the center of attention of two men.

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Andrey Danilko to the singer reacted with the utmost friendliness, and admitted that she inspires him. Also hits by Verka Serduchka raised a toast to the beauty of Tina Karol, after which the jury Wipro in full force.

Тина Кароль "бахнула" с двумя мужчинами, Балан где-то потерялся - "Хочется любви"

Danilko raised a toast to the beauty of Tina Karol

Too sharp comments from social networks the three judges has been proposed, but they were able to discuss the numbers of participants. So, they commented on the accusations of plagiarism David Axelrod, not recognizing problems, and praised his number.

Тина Кароль "бахнула" с двумя мужчинами, Балан где-то потерялся - "Хочется любви"

Carol, Danilko and Drozdov discussed the speech David Axelrod

Jury skeptical and to try to inflate the scandal of the name of the group Go-A, which some commentators took as a call to “Go away”, that is “go away.” Danilko, Carole and Drozdov expressed confidence that all will be well, and Ukraine is not waiting for what said the author in the social network.

Тина Кароль "бахнула" с двумя мужчинами, Балан где-то потерялся - "Хочется любви"

Karol is sure that Ukraine will not disgrace the Eurovision song contest, HEARING

National selection judges also discussed their future plans. Drozdov encouraged Danilko to active musical activity, to which the latter vdsvdsvds lack of desire. However, Danilko does not hide that wants to make a massive comeback. “I want love” – commented on the plans of singer Karol.

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Recall that Tina almost put “cake” on the cold floor, a string of beauties saw the whole country.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” sexual show-room of Tina Karol blew up the network.

Also “Znayu” wrote that Tina came on the stage almost naked, form, beauty saw thousands of Ukrainians.

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