Tina Karol was suspected of “interesting position”

Тину Кароль заподозрили в "интересном положении"

The singer showed rounded belly. Tina Karol has published a photo which has caused fans a lot of questions – it seemed that the singer is pregnant.

The actress has published in his Instagram, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to facenews.

The photograph of the singer standing in a beige satin dress that hugs her body and is only readily emphasizes her figure.

“Is there a measure of pleasure and joy!”, signed photograph of Tina Karol.

Fans began to shower the singer with compliments and even suspected her pregnancy.

“You’re so beautiful”, “Delightful, charming, incomparable!”, “I think the one that’s pregnant tummy? Will replenishment?”, “Delightful, charming, incomparable!”, “What a beautiful” – written by fans.

The singer herself has not made any statements about her pregnancy, and did not publish photos in tight clothes.

Тину Кароль заподозрили в "интересном положении"

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