Tina replied Dana Baleno return: “Looking for a long time”

Тина Кароль ответила Дану Балану взаимностью: "Искали очень долго"

today, 12:28

Army of fans for a year watching the flirtation between Tina Karol and Dan Balan. There are languages that call it PR, but there are those who believe that it is something serious. Despite the hype, it looks very romantic and real.

So, the couple are filming the show “a Night of greatest hits” to attract special attention. Moldovan singer and Ukrainian star before Christmas we decided to exchange gifts. Dan Tina prepared a toy that became a symbol of their romance since the time of the show “Golos Krainy” – is a soft kangaroo. This was reported by one of the Ukrainian TV channels.

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“This gift I want us to wish that we in the new year, finally found what was looking for for a very long time – spoke about the gift of Balan.

Тина Кароль ответила Дану Балану взаимностью: "Искали очень долго"

Tina Karol, PR-team singer

But Tina my colleague gave a little box, saying that he did not know exactly what is inside of it, as there were many and she gave to the artists, not opening. So what’s on the inside will be the fate.

“If you like what’s inside, then everything is possible,” added Tina.

The singer opened the gift and showed what was in the box. There was the key. From the heart – Tina suggested Balan.

We will remind, actress “Women’s Quarter” obsessed with the chosen one Carol.

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