Tina spoke about the healing of the heart after unspeakable pain: “it Became difficult…”

Тина Кароль рассказала об исцелении сердца после невыразимой боли: "Стало сложно..."

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In the Palace of sport hosted the concerts of “the Nativity story with Tina Karol”. This action will leave in memory outstanding performances and the performances of Ukrainian stars, which MONATIK, the group “Беz Limitations,” Michelle Andrade, “Women’s quarter”, Oleg Skrypka, the group “Time and Glass” and KAZKA, Jiji, Jerry Heil, KHAYAT and Julia Sanina.

Organizer of the “Christmas stories” was the Ukrainian artist Tina Karol. She said the main objective of these concerts, which were at the sports Palace for three days.

Тина Кароль рассказала об исцелении сердца после невыразимой боли: "Стало сложно..."

Footage from a musical film “a Christmas story Tina Karol”

It took all the effort worked for a minimum of half a year, but was born “the Christmas story” in 2014. The idea was to revive the identity. When it became difficult to happen that is a miracle within us so we can understand your gut — who we are, where we are, why Ukrainian Christmas is rich in tradition, “said Carol.

People’s artist of Ukraine noted that it was with the team for many years toured Ukraine with that show, but then with the team wished staged a Christmas miracle for Ukrainians.

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Тина Кароль рассказала об исцелении сердца после невыразимой боли: "Стало сложно..."

Tina Karol, Zefir.ua

For anybody not a secret, my life biography, which led me to this. When we pay attention to the problem, society is attached to it. I am for a successful, ambitious country, “added the actress.

Note that in addition to the well-known Ukrainian artists, part of the concert was also a good charity project “Give a dream” and the real heroes who are examples of courage and love for Ukraine. Among them — a seriously ill 4-year-old Elijah and the liquidator of consequences of the Chernobyl accident Alexey Ananenko, who stood and applauded the entire 10-seat hall of the Palace of sports.

Recall that Carol in a silk dress inspired millions of Ukrainians: “a classy lady”.

As reported by the portal Know.ia, Meghan Markle ruined Christmas Elizabeth II: this neglect from the wife of Prince Harry, no one was waiting.

The portal also Know.Eeyore wrote that Carol will make the company Danilko: the jury of the national selection for “Eurovision-2020” joined diva of Ukrainian show-business.

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