Tina tried on the dress with a deep neckline

Тина Кароль примерила элегантное платье с глубоким декольте

The singer posed on the windowsill.

The favorite of millions of Ukrainians Tina never tires regularly to indulge their fans with spectacular photos in a stylish and sometimes very risque outfits. No wonder she is considered one of the style icons among stars of show business, and not only. On the new photo in Instagram, the actress showed impressive way, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to RBC.

So, Tina posed in a luxurious long dress rich yellow color with black lining. Deep neckline of the dress emphasizes breast of the singer. She took a sensual pose, lying on the windowsill.

In the second picture in a photo-collage can be considered a spectacular hairdo and beautiful make-up Karol. Interestingly, in this case she “changed” her usual red lipstick and made lip makeup in nadovich colours.

Тина Кароль примерила элегантное платье с глубоким декольте

Fans could not hold back his emotions and collapsed on Tina a flurry of admiring compliments.

“Time bomb”;

“Your eyes reflect the sun. That blinds everyone around. Be happy”;

“You’re the best I’ve ever seen….incredible, fantastic…”;

“This bright and attractive”;

“Sunshine girl, giving warmth and love”;

“LORD, GIVE ME AIR! Tina, this fire”;

“You’re the whole universe, so amazing, ever-alluring, unforgettable and alluring”;

“Fire diva!”;

“Still wonder how one person just one photo can so to lighten the mood and bring a smile, it’s incredible”;

“Look just Braga, beautiful Yak vesnyana quote”;

“And in the sight of concealed this neat little naive child”;

“Very sweet and romantic!”, – share experiences of the followers of the star.


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