Tina wandered in the wilderness and made a hot photo shoot on the sand: “What legs”

Тина Кароль заблудилась в пустыне и устроила жаркую фотосессию на песке: "Какие ножки"

Tina Karol

today, 08:35

Popular Ukrainian singer and host of the show “dancing with the stars” and the gorgeous Tina Karol loves the attention of the public, and often fuels the interest to the person on the page in social network Instagram. And this time was no exception – the star showed off pics from a new photo shoot in the desert.

So, on the new photo Carol posing while sitting on a small bench with her legs sideways to the camera. Her short white dress with a very plunging neckline. This outfit is underlined perfect figure and neckline star and bared her slender legs. Tina’s hair loose and beautifully laid, and on her face a light makeup, she looks into the camera, taking an interesting position. In the caption to the photo, the singer is inviting fans to his concert, and those in response to sleep her with compliments in the comments.

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We will remind, Tina played to the camera, fans were sweating.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that mysterious belly of Tina Karol deprived Ukrainians of sleep.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that incredible Tina Karol was fascinated by the network of sensual photos.

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