Tina won one of the most mysterious places on the planet: “Goddess of the canyon”

Тина Кароль покорила одно из самых загадочных мест на планете: "Богиня каньона"

Tina Karol

today, 10:23

Famous Ukrainian singer Tina Karol, who now does show “Dancing with the stars” and which is attributed to a whirlwind romance with Moldovan musician Dan Balan, often pleases the audience with bright posts in his Instagram. Recently, the singer went to the us Arizona, where she visited one of the most enigmatic and beautiful places on earth – Antelope Canyon.

There Tina decided to make an atmospheric photo shoot, and now shares the results with his fans on the social network. On the new photo, which showed the actress, she appeared before the camera in an interesting textured attire, which in form and color recalls the place where she was shot. Apparently, had the idea, and she was able to embody it. Carol bare feet is on the sand in a mysterious position and languidly looking at the camera. Fans love the new photos of the star, it is filled with compliments in the comments.

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Тина Кароль покорила одно из самых загадочных мест на планете: "Богиня каньона"

We will remind, Tina played to the camera, fans were sweating.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that mysterious belly of Tina Karol deprived Ukrainians of sleep.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that incredible Tina Karol was fascinated by the network of sensual photos.

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