Tinder has launched an interactive series Swipe Night: what it

In the Dating app Tinder was released the first interactive series

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Tinder запустил интерактивный сериал Swipe Night: что это

A frame from Swipe Night

Tinder has released the first five-minute episode of my interactive series Swipe Night. The action of this show takes place in a world which is approaching the Apocalypse. Viewers need to make decisions that will affect the development of the plot. For example, to help the wounded or to ignore it.

Also find out details about the TV series of the 90s:

Swipe at Night tells about a group of friends who are trying to escape from the Apocalypse. In the story, the user must make a number of decisions (each allocated only seven seconds), on the basis of which then the app will find suitable partners.

No one knew the results of the survey will appear in the profile, and that many have fallen. In the story, the viewer must make a choice: or to cover the changed friend in front of his girl, or be honest and tell her everything. Those who have decided to cover another, no luck — the answer was serious controversy.

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Note that in the interactive Swipe Night series will be six episodes broadcast in the app Tinder on Sunday. Each series is available only six hours and only for the U.S. users, so that audiences from Russia to check on the integrity is not threatened.

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