Tintin, a gift of life for Nathalie Labrèche

Tintin, un cadeau de la vie pour Nathalie Labrèche

Nathalie Labrèche lives alone with his dog, Tintin, this new companion of life she has adopted just before the containment. So they have learned to know one another more closely through the COVID-19.

Nathalie Labrèche, analyst in cryptography at Desjardins in Montreal, is off work since last November. Verdict : major depression, anxiety, exhaustion.

On 10 February, almost a month before the start of the containment, it has adopted Tintin, a fox-terrier male of 4 years and a half.

“I have dreamed about for a long time “, says Ms. Labrèche, which states that ” it was also to help me in my recovery “.

She had gone to the shelter Sophie’s Dog. By adopting it, it became the 3rd family of Tintin, a dog that’s separation anxiety.

Dynamic woman and involved in several projects, Nathalie Labrèche had always refused to adopt.

“I would never have had the time necessary to take care of a dog as it should be and give a great quality of life,” she said. But things have changed. After consultation, it is in question. This is the source of its decision to adopt Tintin.

Physical Contact

As it was his first dog, it was a discovery.

“I had never imagined that such a strong bond could be created between us,” she said. With the arrival of the COVID-19, containment, and removal of non-essential services that she received (physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture and psychotherapy at a distance), Nathalie Labrèche has found itself completely isolated at home, without any physical contact. “This is where I really became aware of the chance that I had to have my dog,” she said. “Tintin allows me to have a physical contact with a living being. I can touch and approach to within two meters of distance ! “

For various reasons, the containment has led to even more anxiety in Ms. Labrèche. “It was stressful, as there were also my parents, living in residence, which were to move “. The presence of Tintin has helped her to manage her anxiety. “Now, when I sense that this happens, we stick together,” she said. Tintin allows him to decrease the intensity of seizures, and prevention. “My dog brings me back to the reality, allows me to regain focus,” says dr. Labrèche.

As a new owner of a dog anxious, Ms. Labrèche had to follow courses in dog training private, but everything has been put on ice at the time of the confinement.

“I was disappointed, but, in the end, it allowed me to really tame Tintin and know him more “, said Ms Labrèche, who confesses to love his dog and treat it like his own child.

“Tintin is now part of my life. It is a gift of life, ” she concludes.

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