Tiny swimsuit, Olya Polyakova treacherously lighted the intimate: “Beautiful without makeup”

Крошечный купальник Оли Поляковой предательски засветил самое интимное: "Прекрасна и без макияжа"

Olya Polyakova, allWomen

today, 19:39

Popular Ukrainian singer Olga Polyakova, who recently celebrated the 36th birthday, is often please the audience with bright pictures and videos in your Instagram. In fact, to celebrate the birthday of the star family went on a long Sunny Mexico, where the new year holidays vacationing many Ukrainian celebrities. On the new photo, which showed singer, she appeared before the camera in a rather candid way.

As you can see, Polyakova comfortably sat down in the hammock among the trees, it is clear that she enjoys the rest. While the sun Olya came out in a sexy bright bikini that barely covers her private parts, but it beautifully highlights the perfect figure, and a magnificent bust stars. Hair of the singer loose and slightly disheveled, and her face no makeup. In the caption to the photo Polyakov wrote: “But make-up. And worries about their appearance too… I love the world and ourselves in the world… and you?”. Fans love the new photos of superblondinka, it is filled with compliments in the comments to the photo.

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Крошечный купальник Оли Поляковой предательски засветил самое интимное: "Прекрасна и без макияжа"

Recall that the Polyakov crazy long legs.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the daughter Polyakova surpassed in beauty even the mother.

Also, the portal “Znayu” he wrote that Olga Polyakova showed how should look like a real Queen of the night.

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