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The age at which youth ends and how to keep the feeling of lightness – Ukrainian stars were given interesting tips.

“You can’t be too serious, you need to relax, have fun and not think about the evaluation of others. My mom rollerblading, traveling constantly! She is a party girl. She can call and say: “Mom, tomorrow we’re going to Odessa.” To which she replies, “I’m here, I have a passport,” the singer, Anna Dobrydneva.

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TV presenter Svetlana Volnova sure that any woman can easily “throw” as many years as you wish. Star recalls a funny story: “I just had Botox and went into customs. It was in another country and I say: “It’s not your picture. Here is a woman who looks older and you younger. You probably stole someone else’s passport.” Check out the fingers – it’s me.”

But there are times when women put age. Anchorwoman Ivanna onufriichuk with humor recalls how carefully added to the years when I was a teenager.

“Mascara and blush hid his portfolio, and then the school was painted. Before returning home, washed up, and so mom didn’t notice anything,” – says celebrity.

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To see yourself handsome grandpa was impatient and Andre tan: “There is a superstition that if you very long to look myself in the eye in the mirror, you see yourself in old age… I really loved this game as a kid and I did, I saw myself old and with a beard.”

But the leader of the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” Anatoliy Anatolich to the issue approached from a scientific point of view. Once checked, up to what age a person is considered young in the world health organization.

“The young age up to 44 years. And only then – up to 60 years is middle age”, – says a leading.

The best way to prolong youth, he said, are children.

Earlier, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has revealed the secret to perfect skin.

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Советы от звезд: как сохранить молодость

Советы от звезд: как сохранить молодость

Советы от звезд: как сохранить молодость


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