“Tired of banging my head against the wall”: singer Alain Sviridov has told about depression

Russian singer remembered youth

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"Устала биться головой о стену": певица Алена Свиридова рассказала о депрессии

Singer Alain Sviridov

August 14, iconic singer of the 90s Alena Sviridova said 57th birthday. She was born in the Ukrainian city of Kerch, but in early childhood his parents moved to Minsk. In Minsk the future star graduated from high school and even Minsk pedagogical Institute. Immediately after graduation, the talented girl took Minsk drama theatre.

“I was invited for the lead role in a musical performance, but six months later there was this concert in Minsk, where was Bogdan Titomir, and where I was also invited to participate in his warm-up. And, in fact, after that I was invited to Moscow. I fell at the feet of our Director, said: I understand that I’m a pig, I’m letting everyone down, but let me go, please, in Moscow” – says Alena.

Let her go. But soon she came to regret about his decision and about his move. Still so young and ambitious with all his strength absorbed depression.

"Устала биться головой о стену": певица Алена Свиридова рассказала о депрессии

Alena Sviridova

“I suddenly thought: maybe we can stop this is some kind of war? So you’re doing some writing a new song, you bring it to the radio, and you say you do not format you do not format, the two are not the format, not the format, of five format. And at some point I realize that I’m tired of banging my head against the wall,” admitted the singer.

Return to Minsk and to go back to the theatre, meant to give in and humiliate myself in the eyes of people who believe in it.

“I’ll be back in already? On the shield, it turns out, you know, with prostrate head. And this moment, it is, of course, I was very much frightened. But then, surprisingly, it quickly took off, and within a year, that year I suffer, and then suddenly shot like a rocket just took off to heaven”, – said Sviridov.

In 1994, he released the video for the song “Pink Flamingo”. And the song itself during the year was held in the top of all music chat rooms. The album of the same name brought Sviridova huge success and people’s love.

Watch the video for the song Alena Sviridova “Pink flamingos”:

Earlier, Alena Sviridova admitted that he was “not quite sane” regarding the son.

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