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Tissot absolutely wanted to come home

Tissot absolutely wanted to come home


OTTAWA | At 30, Maxim Tissot exudes happiness because he is back home and because he continues to practice sport he loves even though he knows the clock is ticking.

The former Impact defender, who hails from Gatineau, is back home with Ottawa Atlético after a two-season hiatus with Hamilton Forge, another formation of the Canadian Premier League.

“There would have been two places where I would have signed in CPL, either here or at my old club, in Hamilton, he admits. Having an offer to come home was so enticing, I couldn't pass that up. »


« It happened quickly, only a few days after the end of the season with the Forge. I was able to have a great vacation and a good holiday season. »

As the salaries of the Canadian Premier League are not those of the MLS, Tissot is slowly starting to prepare for his post-career since he has just completed his training as a financial advisor.

“It's a bit more difficult financially, I have a second job now. I think players who are a bit older do it thinking about their post-career.

“The youngest are starting their careers and it is important to focus on that. They are in the spirit of leaving to go and play elsewhere. »

He will therefore combine the two tasks in the coming weeks. He also stayed with Samuel Piette when he came to take exams in Montreal recently.

Jacket and tie

If you know Maxim Tissot , you can hardly imagine him in a jacket and tie. With his two-week-old beard and messy hair, he looks more like a surfer.

“I want to help people make big life decisions like buying a house or the birth of a child. »

“There is a way to stay professional without wearing a suit every day. I think my clientele in the next few years will look like me.

It was his financial advisor who started talking to him about this avenue two years ago. He can now talk to you about insurance and mutual funds as well as tactical plans.

No deadline

Even if his career plan takes form, there is still no question that he ties his cleats.

He also says that he takes a certain pride in continuing a career in a level of soccer where we find mainly young players.< /p>

“There is beauty in the longevity of a career in the lower leagues. You see fewer and fewer players having a long career in these leagues. I am one of the few from my time in Montreal who still plays. »

« I still play because I still like it and I will continue as long as the body and the head will follow. »

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