Titans-season 2 : soon a new crossover with Doom Patrol ? Brendan Fraser provides us with the answer

Titans saison 2 : bientôt un nouveau crossover avec Doom Patrol ? Brendan Fraser nous répond

Titans-season 2 : soon a new crossover with Doom Patrol ? Brendan Fraser responds

Currently, this is the season 1 of Doom Patrol which aired on SyFy in France. However, on the occasion of his visit to Paris, Purebreak could not help but to interview Brendan Fraser on the future season 2 with a possible new meeting with the team of the Titans.

New crossover between Doom Patrol and the Titans ?

While season 2 of Titans is currently airing in the USA, it will be necessary to wait until 2020 to find the Doom Patrol. And if little information is yet known about it, it was all the same took advantage of our encounter with Brendan Fraser – the interpreter of Cliff / Robotman, to get some exclusive stuff.

Thus, after having been introduced in episode 4 of season 1 of Titans, we wanted to know if Doom Patrol was going to turn to receive the band of Dick on the occasion of a new crossover in its season 2. Response of the actor ? “I don’t know. I just sent the scenarios, I read, and I play (laughs). I can’t talk about the future.

Two different sets

A small disappointment even though, to listen to Brendan Fraser, such an event has little chance to review the day on the screen. After having confessed not to really follow the series, “I don’t know much about the Titans, so please forgive me for it“, he recalled that, despite the meeting of two works of fiction in 2018, they were not really made for cross.

I can tell you that Doom Patrol has its own universe, it is something that is necessary [both series do not share the same continuity, ed.], even if we used the license [of the Titans], and I hope that the fans we pardonnerons for it. We had to make a crossover and it was cool to see the Titans landed, presenting our characters to introduce. But these are two series, well separated.

In other words, don’t expect to find serious collaboration between the two groups of heroes. Fortunately, as already demonstrated, the writers of the Doom Patrol, it is best to think of ideas completely crazy and WTF that legitimize such a meeting. After all, we are talking about authors who have sent a city into the anus of a donkey. Come on, we want to believe it.

Exclusive content. Not to mention, without mentioning PRBK.

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