Titans season 3 : Donna Troy (Wonder Girl) back next year ?

Titans saison 3 : Donna Troy (Wonder Girl) de retour l'an prochain ?

Titans season 3 : Donna Troy (Wonder Girl) back next year ?

Officially renewed for a season 3, the Titans will return to our screens next year. A new year is very mysterious at the moment – even if it is already known that Blackfire will have an important role, which could also participate in a Donna Troy (Wonder Girl). Attention spoilers.

At the time of a final 2 season particularly missed, because of a conclusion of the plot far too rushed and charcutée, the writers of the Titans have taken the opportunity to kill… Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl, the protege of Wonder Woman. A real shock for the fans and the team – despite the ridiculousness of the scene, even if it a little twist to this subject could take place as early as season 3.

Donna back in season 3 ?

Remember, during the last minutes of episode 13, Rachel announced to Dick his intention to accompany the remains of Donna on Themyscira, with the objective of the save. According to it, his powers would increase considerably and would help him in this mission. And if the new Nightwing seemed not really to believe in this possibility, the actress Conor Leslie is clearly to open the door to this hope.

This chain TBTD in Brazil, the interpreter, Donna has, of course, understood that the story of his character was not finished : “It’s interesting because all of the plot related to Troia has not yet been explored in the series“.

Who is Troia ?

For those who do not yet know enough of the comics, Troia is just a new identity taken by the heroine in order, in particular, to break free of his old life. In much the same way that comes to do Dick when turning the page of his past as Robin.

Most importantly, the fans of the heroine know, Donna has already experienced a miracle in the comics. After having been killed by a Superman robot, she finally had the right to a rebirth that is very special which has then led to his career of Troia. Suffice to say that Rachel could surprise everyone next year.

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