Titans season 3 : the series renewed, the super heroes return in 2020

Titans saison 3 : la série renouvelée, les super-héros de retour en 2020

Titans season 3 : the series renewed, the super heroes return in 2020

The super-villains may shake, Dick and his band are not determined to be left alone. DC Universe just confirmed the information, they will be back in 2020 with a 3 season Titans that will be available on Netflix in France. Attention spoilers.

The atmosphere may not be at the top at the present time among the Titans, but the super-heroes of DC will not have other choice than to go ahead and start to turn to a certain page. TVLine just announced, the excellent series broadcast on the platform of the DC Universe – and available on Netflix in France, is not about to come to an end.

A 3 season for the Titans

Even though season 2 is still not finished in the USA, Titans is in fact already guaranteed to come back in 2020 with a season 3. Unfortunately, it is still too early to know anything about it. Thus, we do not know yet the number of episodes that make up season 1 consisted of 11, the current will consist of 13), we do not know yet the date of broadcast (if it is not that it will land in the fall) and his cast is still unknown (Superboy will there be a greater role ? New heroes are they going to arrive ?).

Only certainty, the last episode of season 2, due on November 30, we will see more clearly on the plots to come out next year. Similarly, if we are to believe the recent photos of the shooting, in the case where Dick Grayson would be back, he will be entitled to a brand new costume.

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