To an extension of the wage subsidy

Vers une prolongation de la subvention salariale

OTTAWA – The federal government intends to extend up to the end of the year, its wage subsidy program aimed at helping businesses affected by the crisis of the COVID-19.

“The intention is to extend the wage subsidy until December and we continue our discussions with the provinces and territories on the re-opening safe,” said the prime minister Justin Trudeau in a press briefing, Monday, in front of his residence at Rideau Cottage.

This program is designed to subsidize 75 % of the salary of employees working for companies undergoing major financial losses due to the pandemic, up to a maximum of $ 847 per week.

In his economic portrait unveiled last week, Ottawa is anticipated that the measure will cost 82 billion $ in 2020-2021. However, the program did not have the popularity expected so far. On 6 July, 18 billion $ had been spent to 581 000 approved applications.

The Trudeau government hope that more and more workers will take this program rather than having to turn to the Benefit of canadian emergency (PKU).

This other program, far more popular, allows Canadians who have lost their jobs, who cannot work or who earn $ 1,000 or less per month, to receive 2000 $ monthly. On 5 July, the federal government had paid nearly $ 55 billion $ in benefits.

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