To be married at the time of the COVID-19

Se marier au temps de la COVID-19

Although many marriages have been cancelled because of the pandemic, a few couples wish to unite at all costs, but to do so, it must adapt.

Get married in the midst of a pandemic, this is not exactly the scenario dreamed of. Despite everything, Marianne Square will say yes to the man of her life, on August 15.

“It is sure that the guests, it is very small, it is limited to family and very close friends,” says the bride-to-be.

The young woman preparing this event for almost two years.

“We had chosen the room of Patro in Kénogami. It should be 75. I kept hope for a long time, up to as long as the room supervisor called us to tell us that this was not possible,” she says.

Rather than cancel the wedding, she has implemented his plan B.

“It’s going to be a dozen near the water at my parents house, people are going to be in the boats around the wharf for the ceremony, it’s going to be a beautiful moment”, she says.

Not easy to organize

Marianne Square is not the only one in this situation. To the shop Daniell’C, where they sell wedding dresses, it is noted that some clients follow the movement: they are moving forward in spite of the pandemic

“The appointments are kept, I found it to be exceptional! There is a girl who said to me: “I’m too stubborn, I’m going to get married”” says, all smiles, the owner, Daniella Canteteau.

Try and find the ideal dress for the big day, this is an important step in the organization of a wedding, but in this period of a pandemic, this time is processed differently.

“Before, I would five female companions, with the COVID, it is two at the maximum. It is necessary to do the fitting with gloves and masks mandatory, thereafter, the dresses are put in quarantine and I am reducing the appointment with the client,” explains Ms. Canteteau.

For better and for worse, these couples will have already crossed quite a challenge to organize their union in spite of the crisis.

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