To brave 30-degree weather – Mosquitoes in the midst of coronavirus has ever dared

Рискнуть в 30-градусный мороз - Комаров в эпицентре коронавируса решился на смелый поступок

Dmitry Komarov, UkrMedia

today, 09:57

The famous traveler Dmitry Komarov, who recently presented a new Chinese season of his travel program “the World inside out,” he told fans in Instagram that there was a new edition of its show in which the audience will see something incredible. It turned out that the traveler has changed the profession and being in China on the set engaged in the production of ice for the construction of huge ice city.

It turned out that his Chinese expedition Dmitry together with his operator had been in the coldest part of the country, the city of Harbin. There he one day joined a work that bare hands get ice to build an ice town on the famous festival, which takes place in this city. According to the presenter, working conditions are very difficult and risky, people have work in 30-degree frost, pulling blocks of ice to create incredible beauty. In social networks Mosquitoes also showed a few shots from this place and announced a new release of the program “the World inside out” in which viewers will see with their own eyes.

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We will remind, the Mosquito from the “World inside out” has saved dozens of children in a simple way.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the wife Komarova boasted a perfect figure in a luxurious outfit.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Mosquito from the “World inside out” will meet with unearthly beings.

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