To bury a pet: new Testament wife surprised the British

The last woman’s desire may seem a little strange

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The Briton was surprised by her husband’s strange bequest

The British resident of Wales named Hilary Hughes asked his wife, 79-year-old Retina, to bury her in the pet cemetery, which is located in Flintshire. It was there in March this year the couple said goodbye to her dog Patsy that a woman I loved very much. Hilary herself died of cancer a few months after the death of a pet, reports the Daily Mirror.

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“My wife immediately said she wanted to be buried here, next to Patsy as soon as I heard that it can be done, says 79-year-old man. – I didn’t even try to dissuade her. In fact, once to join her and I and my stepson”.

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Earlier, the Hughes family purchased a large plot, with sufficient space for burial of two Pets and three people. Now in this cemetery the graves Hilary Hughes and dog Patsy is crowned with a shared headstone with a metal statue of the dog.

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