To buy an RV according to your budget

To buy an RV according to your budget


Whatever type of recreational vehicle you are looking for, a class A, a B Plus or a caravan of any model, new or used, you will certainly find what you are looking for at the RV-Camping-Outdoor Fair which takes place on weekends at the Cruise Terminal, Pier 30, in the Port of Quebec.

“ It had been three years since I had in mind to be able to organize a similar event, explains the promoter and specialist in the field, Jean-Marc Pageau. So I decided to organize this event with dealers in the greater Quebec City region, which has become the Fair that takes place on weekends. 

“On site, dealers will exhibit their new 2023 models but also new 2022 models and even used models, in the full range of products available. In these last two cases, it does not exist in any other event of its kind.   »

To go even further in the advantages for the people who will visit his event, Pageau asked the dealers to offer unique conditions.

“Our Fair is an appointment where amateurs can buy a unit. The dealers have also decided to have discount prices on several models, discounts that are exclusive during the event. For four days, people will be able to benefit from prices that they will not find at other times. The manufacturers support the dealers. ”

Fans will be entitled to a full range of vehicles when they come to the event.

“There are on-site 30, 39 and even 45 foot Class A motorhome models. There will also be Class B, Class B Plus and Class C models. 

Class B Plus models will also be on display.

“For travel trailers, all models, from the small trailer to the fifth wheel model that straps into the box of the pickup truck. There will be plenty of opportunities to get an RV.”

Speakers and Conferences

The Cruise Terminal will be literally surrounded by recreational vehicles of all kinds.

To make his event even more complete, Jean-Marc Pageau has brought together a host of industry stakeholders and speakers who will be waiting for visitors on the second floor of the Terminal.

“Visitors will discover different kiosks offering products and services that are necessary for RV and camping enthusiasts, says the promoter. 

“For RV, people will be able to see useful parts and accessories. In the world of camping, there will be site operators like the Boisé de la Chaudière, various organizations like the Fédération québécoise de camping-caravaning, traffic controllers and a whole range of things that are useful for people who camping. 

“We also have craftsmen, like Solem with his camping kit. Warrior's Spice is on hand to provide visitors with quick meals,” he says.

To keep visitors informed, there will also be a daily section for speakers.

“We brought together various speakers, including Paul Laquerre, the editor-in-chief of the FQCC magazine. There will also be conferences on accessories, information on lithium batteries, electricity on board the vehicle, solar panels that offer more autonomy, and more. All kinds of things that are interesting for camping and caravanning enthusiasts. »

Long-term plan

The event aims to allow visitors to discover the latest trends and technologies in the field of RV-Camping-Outdoors.

The entry price has been set at $16.50  

   I consider that this price is reasonable and in addition, parking is free, adds Jean-Marc Pageau. Also, we want to introduce young people to these beautiful passions that we all share. We have therefore decided that access to the event will be free for all young people aged 16 and under. 

” With all these winning conditions, I truly believe that our event is one of a kind. Also, I want to clarify that this is not a test that I am doing. I am working on a five-year horizon. 

“I am fortunate to have been in the business for many years and feel the pulse of consumers. This is what helped me build this event, which will answer many of the questions I have been asked over the years. » 

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