To celebrate the digital

Pour célébrer le numérique

The gala NUMIX/REMIX, celebrating digital creativity in Quebec, will begin this Monday with a special edition online spread over four days.

“Digital creativity, which encompasses all forms of expression that use technological tools and digital, has always been extremely busy in Quebec since I would say the mid-2000s,” says first Catalina Briceño, president of the jury of the prix Numix 2020.

Divided into multiple categories, the event seeks to reward, since its first edition in 2010, this is done best in the digital world in Quebec, particularly in regards to the documentary, the podcast, facilities, experiential and museum, the game, video and other digital works.

“And this is interesting because, unlike many other sectors, the digital world is in constant evolution,” she continues. For example, there are only two years old, the category “podcast” didn’t exist, while today, it is one of the categories of the richest of all prizes Numix. I think that in this sense, it is a platform extremely important to take the pulse of what is created in terms of the numeric expression.”

Deploying exceptionally this year, the awards gala Numix, renamed for the occasion NUMIX/REMIX 2020, will be held from 15 to 18 June, from 16h, directly via a Facebook Live. The event will be accessible via the page and will be available offline.

“The goal is that instead of doing one long recording of the entire gala, there will be four episodes, four chapters at the gala, which will be broadcast once a day”, describes the chairman of the jury.

Another novelty, this is the industry of digital creativity itself that has supported this year the production of the event.

“It’s going to be really in the image of the digital creativity in Quebec in the sense that each of the teams has received carte blanche for his episode, for its section, says Catalina Briceño. So, it’s going to be extremely eclectic, this is not a traditional format at all, I think we’re going to have a lot of surprises. This is what we’re really talking about of NUMIX/REMIX, in the sense that it is really a gala event by and for the industry.”

The beautiful side of the digital

If new technologies can be occasionally criticized for the risks they pose to companies, the gala NUMIX/REMIX 2020 may prove to be of great relevance to indicate how they can also prove to be of great value, according to Catalina Briceño.

“Over the last two or three years, digital has received a lot of bad press and with good reason, considers the president of the jury. With the GAFA [Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple], the “fake news”, the theft of personal data, I think that the people are in a sort of awakening of what it can represent as potential, but also limitations, such as risk.”

“The price Numix also remind us that there is a way to take advantage of new technologies to reveal the human, the beautiful, to give voice to groups that are in the area, groups, more isolated, groups with diverse backgrounds, to be able to express an identity through forms of expression digital extremely diverse,” she continued.

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