To die in pride

Dr. Louise La Fontaine, President of the Quebec Association of Palliative Care (AQSP) Mr. François Gamache, President of the Alliance of Palliative Care Homes of Quebec (AMSPQ)
The AQSP is holding its 28th Annual Conference in Drummondville on Thursday and Friday, with the theme “Building together with pride”.

During my 33 years of promoting a more dignified death, many people at the end of their life expressed to me their desire to leave with pride, to die proudly. A testimony. At the end of one of my lectures, a person gets up, painfully because advanced in wear of body and worthily because rich soul. “Mr. Bureau, I want to die beautiful. In the back of the room, one of her friends says, “Bertha, you’re nothing but proud! And she replied, “Not proud, proud.”

To want to “build together with pride” is very good. Together, this is our challenge, we will build more and better. We will allow more and more people at the end of life to finish it in pride, to build together with their loved ones an end of life that resembles them, respects them (…) and that expresses more their pride, their values, their beliefs.

More and more, our Quebec society is discovering that dignity and pride at the end of life is very much about freedom of choice in the end-of-life care provided by the End-of-Life Care Act. Pride and dignity are honored by the primacy of the only interest of the person at the end of life. We are thus entering more and more into the world of end-of-life care, consistent with our End-of-Life Care Act and with freedom of choice.

This primacy of the sole interest of the person at the end of life is becoming more and more prevalent in end-of-life settings. Let us salute the Desjardins House of Rivière-du-Loup and the Maison Aline Chrétien of Shawinigan, which have recently harmoniously integrated medical aid in dying into end-of-life care. (…)

On December 10, 2018, it will be the third anniversary of the implementation of our Quebec End-of-Life Care Act. Quebec society, organizations and associations interested and involved in the world of end-of-life care, we should meet to share our vision.

To build together, with and for the person at the end of life, centered in primacy on his own interest, is THE source of our pride.

Yvon Bureau, Social Worker
Volunteer Consultant for a Dignified and Free

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