To Earth approach “comet death”

К Земле приблизится «комета смерти»

The asteroid will pass close to Earth on November 11.

Flies to the Earth asteroid Death in a fearsome human skull with a diameter of 600 meters. The approach of a mysterious object is reported by the newspaper Metro.

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He approached the planet at a distance of about 40 million km. on the Internet this news has already caused increased interest of the users due to the strange shape of the asteroid. Scientists say that the closer to the object threatens the Earth.

Asteroid 2015 TV 145 was discovered in October 2015 Observatory in Hawaii.

Then he was at a distance of 480 million miles from Earth.

The asteroid has received the informal name “Halloween”, “Death”, “skull”, “comet death” as the radar images showed that it is similar to a human skull. In addition, the convergence of the object to the Earth occurred on Halloween. Scientists believe that the asteroid may be degenerate comet. That is, a comet that has lost most of the ice and volatile substances, and therefore getting closer to the Sun, does not form the tail, coma – cloud of gas and dust.

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