To export soda and wine from the occupied Crimea

В Беларусь экспортируют соду и вино из оккупированного Крыма

Journalists have found out which businesses cooperate with the annexed Peninsula.

On the shelves of retail networks “Euroopt” and Bigzz in Belarus sell baking soda production temporarily occupied Crimean soda plant. It is reported online edition of the with reference to

“The Ukrainian government has repeatedly stated that against companies cooperating with the Crimean enterprises will be introduced economic sanctions. Despite the warning, such as, baking soda, and wine Massandra Crimean production you can buy in the Belarusian poluostrovnaya”, – stated in the message.

According to the newspaper, a pack of soda no data available who deliver the goods to Belarus.

The plant in the Crimea confirmed that cooperating with the Belarusian side, but what kind of firm, do not say.

“We supply not only baking soda to Belarus. Also supply ash, which is used in the manufacture of glass. The cooperation goes back to Soviet times. I can’t call our partners, as this is a commercial secret,” – said leading specialist for foreign economic relations of Crimean soda plant Venus Zavarzin.

Deputy General Director for production of the Grodno glassworks Alexander Lentsevich noted that the soda ash is brought from the Crimea.

“Crimean soda plant worked before all these events (prior to the occupation of the Crimea, – ed.). Five years ago, we worked. Now logistics is not very good. How to get the soda from the Crimea to Grodno?!” – said the Deputy Director.

Borisov crystal factory say also collaborated with Crimean soda plant. But for more than a year, the Belarusian company is on easy, so the supply of soda from the Peninsula is suspended.

“We are working with the Crimea. Work, but not as much as I would like. We supply to our stekloproduktsii”, – said the Deputy Director on realization of glassworks Neman Diana Tarashkevich.

В Беларусь экспортируют соду и вино из оккупированного Крыма

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