To get the year off to a good start

To start the year well


Intentions are often good when the time comes to start a new year. Living healthy is probably the most common statement you hear. While taking up sport is not easy for everyone, the idea of ​​indulging in stretching is without doubt a nice alternative option. In addition to being easy to do at home with any level of flexibility, the exercises are designed to relieve pain, while regaining flexibility and fitness.

Are you one of those people who work long hours from home in front of a computer without taking a break? If so, you probably have neck and back strain. Know that it is possible to stop the pain in addition to gaining flexibility and well-being thanks to the stretching offered by the author Bob Anderson, who has been teaching stretching for 45 years.

His book , which has just been reissued in an improved version, has no less than 150 different stretches, all illustrated, and 27 sequences to cure or prevent different ailments. You practice them at your leisure, at your own pace, according to the parts of the body you want to work on and, believe me for trying a few, they are very effective. & Nbsp;

Bob Anderson's techniques that fall between gymnastics and yoga have tens of millions of followers, mostly Americans.

Main benefits

Bob Anderson's motto, never push your limits as it too often leads to injuries. & Nbsp;

Stretching aims to reduce muscle tension and facilitate freedom of movement. It can be practiced regardless of age and level of flexibility as you go at your own pace. & Nbsp;

The proposed techniques energize the body. They also help maintain good flexibility and prevent stiffness that occurs with age. The author suggests forgetting the idea that there is no profit without suffering. Here, we are not in the physical performance or in the suffering, on the other hand, we recommend a certain regularity in order to obtain good results.

In some cases, just five minutes can be enough to feel less strained. As for those who remain standing for a long time, specific exercises are also offered. Even in the car or on the plane, stretching can help provide a feeling of well-being.

Your back put to the test

In his book, the the author suggests exercises for each part of the body; legs, feet, arms, hips, shoulders, wrists. Nonetheless, much of the book is dedicated to back pain, as it is a very stressed part of the body that bothers many people who sit too often. Some exercises are done while lying down, others can be done sitting directly on a work chair.

A lot of advice is also offered, especially on the position to take when you have to lift something. heavy.

A useful book for anyone who wants to free themselves from the pain of tension and lack of flexibility.

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