To never forget

To never forget


Between 1990 and 2020, HIV claimed 32 million lives. Never wipe tears without gloves follows a group of friends who face this disease at a time when nothing was known about AIDS.

On display until April 1st at the Trident, the play is a theatrical adaptation by Véronique Côté of the novel by Swedish writer and playwright Jonas Gardell. 

Never wipe tears without gloves follows a group of friends, all young men, who come from the regions and arrive in Stockholm, in search of freedom, love and of happiness.

“Rasmus and Benjamin will experience love at first sight at a time when the virus is emerging. We discover their friendship and then their solidarity. They will stand in sickness. We lose them one by one. It's hard, but we love them and we find them beautiful in the way they get through,” said Alexandre Fecteau, director of the play.

Never wipe of tears without gloves is first and foremost a story of love, friendship, solidarity and loyalty, with the existence of HIV as a backdrop. 

“It's a celebration of communities. People who come together and who will take care of themselves and who will not let go. That's what's beautiful,” he said.

Twelve actors

The play, in its main roles, stars Olivier Arteau, Maxime Beauregard-Martin and Maxime Robin. It's a big production, as Alexandre Fecteau points out.

“We've been working on this for two years. It is a show that has matured through laboratories. It's a very good deal with a very beautiful and surprising scenic device,” he said on Monday, a few hours before the dress rehearsal. 

There are 12 actors. and three musicians, under the direction of pianist Anne-Marie Bernard.

“It's like film music with recurring themes and arrangements that vary from scene to scene. 'other. The quartet, which is very present, intervenes 50 times in the show “, mentioned Alexandre Fecteau. 

Never wipe tears without gloves for 16 years and over. The show contains nudity and sexuality and touches on sensitive topics.