[TO SEE] A plane catches fire when landing in Miami, three injured

[&WATCH] Plane catches fire while landing in Miami, three injured


MIAMI | American investigators are due to arrive at Miami airport on Wednesday, where a Red Air plane landed on Tuesday with a landing gear problem, causing a fire and the evacuation of 140 people, three of whom were injured.  

Images relayed by American media show the plane, a McDonnell Douglas which came from Dominican Republican, across the tarmac, half in the grass, its nose shattered, while the passengers hurriedly left the cabin on one side, black smoke being visible from the other.

The United States transportation safety agency, the NTSB, is “sending a team of investigators to Miami after the landing gear collapse and runway excursion of an MD-82 aircraft today at the Miami International Airport,” she tweeted on Tuesday.

“The nose landing gear collapsed which appears to have caused the fire,” the airport said in a tweet.

Flight L5-203 “experienced technical difficulties” upon landing around 5:45 p.m. local time, Red Air, a small company, said on Twitter. low-cost airline based in the Dominican Republic and launched in November.

It states that 130 passengers and 10 crew members were evacuated from the aircraft.

“Three patients have been transported to nearby hospitals,” the Miami Fire Department announced on Twitter. They state that they “controlled the fire and limited the fuel leak.”