[TO SEE] Discovery of a deadly underwater lake

[&TO SEE] Discovery of a deadly underwater lake


An underwater lake, devoid of oxygen, was discovered in 2020 in the depths of Egypt's Red Sea, a study by scientists at the University of Miami found in June .  

A rare phenomenon, this lake, which is located nearly two kilometers below the water, is hypersaline – therefore contains a large amount of salt – and is oxygen-free. 

Because of the salt content, “any animal that swims in this area dies. […] Predators use this area to feed on the unlucky,” Sam Purkis, one of the study's researchers, told Live Science.

Even though this environment is considered extreme, the scientists behind the study have detected the presence of a large number of bacteria living in this underwater pool. 

This kind of lake is not not unique. A dozen have been found in the Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico over the past 30 years. However, it is the first located so close to the coast, about two kilometers from it.