[TO SEE] Shattered windows, presence of smoke: terrified passengers in the London Underground

[&TO SEE] Smashed windows, presence of smoke: terrified passengers on the London Underground


London Underground passengers had the scare of their lives on Friday when they were trapped inside smoke-filled carriages. 

In order to escape the smoke, dozens of passengers had no choice but to smash the windows of London Underground carriages, while some doors remained closed during the evacuation.< /p>

“North line: no service due to the presence of smoke. Several delays on all lines”, informed the company that manages the London Underground.

These images of frightened public transport users quickly became viral on social networks.

Fortunately, no passengers were seriously injured.

The public transport system operator “TFL” had still not provided an official reaction to the local newspaper Mirror in the early evening.

*See the video of the chaos on the London Underground at the top of the article*