[TO SEE] “The Voice”: The Sophie Grenier phenomenon continues

[À SEE] “The Voice”: The phenomenon Sophie Grenier continues


With a total of 100 points (36 from the coach and 64 from the public), Sophie Grenier, who caused a sensation during her blind audition, earned her place in the semi-finals of the Mario Pelchat's team. 

“I'm happy to be here and to be able to continue living this”, she expressed when discovering the result.

He wanted to share his song from the quarter-finals with the one who has shared his life for more than twenty years, Tommy Demers opted for “A little innocence”, by Daniel deShaime. “We feel so much love you have for your wife, it's uplifting, admitted the coach. In addition, you are a hell of a good singer.”

Jephte Phelice chose to show that he had found his place by performing “Des Milles de je t'aime”, from the winner of the fifth season of “The Voice” in France, Slimane. “Between the time of the blind auditions and what you have become, it’s incredible, sent Mario Pelchat to him. I smell you like an oak, you're solid.”

Because she doesn't want to wait to tell people she loves them, Sophie Grenier opted for the song “Tant qu'on est there”, written by Vianney, and popularized by Erza Muqoli. “You are like a flower, a little girl who becomes a woman, advanced the coach. It's always sublime, and you understand what you're talking about. It's very touching.”