To sell used equipment can be dangerous

Attackers can easily recover data on hard drives sold laptops

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 10:25

Продать б/у технику может быть опасно

Formatting the hard drive will not save you from data recovery by criminals

Getting rid of old equipment at the sites OLX and eBay sellers run a serious risk. Often when selling an old laptop computer or simply hard drive users rarely erase information on it. And if you erase, do not know that simple formatting does not save you from data recovery criminals. To this conclusion came researchers from Blancco dealing with the removal of data and protection of mobile devices, and the company Ontrack, which deals with recovery of lost data, reports USA Today.

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The researchers have experience with accidental 159 drives of different type, size and condition. It was as hard drives and solid state drives. After applying to them the tools and data recovery tools, it was found that 42% of drives are part of the data to be restored. Moreover, about 15% (3 of 20 disks) contained personal information, including images of passports and birth certificates, financial records and even personal photographs of an intimate nature.

Some discs also contain corporate data. Purchased on one of the drives had a 5 GB archive internal e-mail messages major travel company, and the other with 3 GB delivery information and other data of the company engaged in cargo transportation. Another drive and all contained data software, which is described as a developer with “a high level of access to public information”.

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But how could this happen? The fact that many users either delete files manually or generate formatting the drive, believing that the information thus disappears for good. However, “the formatting is not the same as deleting data,” explains Vice President of Blancco Fredrik Forslund.

In Windows there are two types of formatting — quick and less safe, and deeper. But even with a deep format, he said, there are still some data that can be found using special recovery tools. Yes, and the manual removal does not guarantee a complete wipe of data from the drive.

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To securely delete all data on HDD and SSD experts recommend to use a free utility like DBAN – it is designed to secure erase the hard drive as long as its data are permanently deleted and will no longer be recoverable. Also for the complete removal of data, you can use Parted Magic, Active Kill Disk and Disk Wipe.

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