To the memory of Andrei Gusin: the love story of the legendary footballer wife

Legendary football player died 5 years ago

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Wife of Andriy Husin told the story of their relationship

September 17, only 5 years ago, there was a tragedy – crashed footballer, who played for the Kiev club “Dynamo” Andrey Gusin. In memory of her husband his widow Christina Husin told the story of their love, and how he suffered a terrible loss.

She had a boyfriend. He was enlisted in the ensemble Virsky in Kiev and made plans for a great artistic future. But one fateful meeting on the birthday of her godmother forever changed the life of a 17-year-old Christine.

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“Mom was friends with each other, they were neighbors, respectively, came to congratulate friend mothers birthday and, in fact, ready to leave, until the moment when my godmother insisted and forced him to come into the room, after he’s already not in a hurry,” recalls Christine.

A month later, Christine realized that he had fallen in love. Then have sunk into oblivion and dream about dancing the future, because in the family that the star should be one. And it was supposed to be it!

Памяти Андрея Гусина: история любви легендарного футболиста с женой

Andriy Husin with his wife Christine

But before you make an offer to Christina, Andrew was solved for two long years. And then another 5 times endured the wedding.

“Because he was busy and I, of course, have become General in this unstable young girl, every time we came ZAGS, I the woman said: “What, no, sho, again?”. I said, “Yes, he will never get married”. Because it is for the main part, then for the second part, these two-week fees for him profession has always been crucial in our family,” the woman said.

Christine also remembered, as he was late for his own wedding.

“For half an hour he was late. Brought a bouquet of wilted roses that I ordered, in General, but nevertheless, in any case, it all took place. The funny thing is that we in the morning at six in the morning, at eight in the morning at six we woke up at eight already the flight was the plane, and at eleven he went to a training session in Kiev, all the romance, actually, this was the end,” said Husin.

Памяти Андрея Гусина: история любви легендарного футболиста с женой

Andrei Gusin

They got married. But to pick a favorite from Lviv to Kiev in a rented apartment Andrew was in no hurry. Christina waited. Came from time to time for a month or two. And then the patience of the women snapped, and in the last month of pregnancy, she moved to her husband in a one-room rented apartment.

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Памяти Андрея Гусина: история любви легендарного футболиста с женой

Памяти Андрея Гусина: история любви легендарного футболиста с женой

Памяти Андрея Гусина: история любви легендарного футболиста с женой


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