To the minister of Justice, the “riots” of Portland does not have more relation with George Floyd

Pour le ministre de la Justice, les « émeutes » de Portland n’ont plus de lien avec George Floyd

Washington | The american minister of Justice Bill Barr has to defend Tuesday, during a hearing at the Congress, the intervention of federal agents in Portland where, according to him, the “riots” have nothing to do with the death of George Floyd.

“Rioters and violent anarchists hijacked the protests legitimate to wreak havoc and destruction”, he shall declare before the judiciary committee of the House of representatives, according to a copy of his opening remarks released in advance.

“This is happening every night around the court” of this great city of Oregon “can not be called a demonstration, it is in any regard an attack against the United States government”, is to add this strong support of Donald Trump.

Echoing the republican president, it must describe “a crowd of hundreds of rioters” equipped “slingshot, tasers, hammers, saws, explosives…” who do not try, according to him, “not even in a superficial way, to link their actions to the death of George Floyd or legitimate appeals to reform.”

The death of this African-American, was asphyxiated by a white policeman on may 15, in Minneapolis, has triggered in all of the United States of huge events, anti-racism and calls to reform the police. The mobilization was significantly impaired, but pockets of protest have persisted, especially in Portland, a city in the North-West clearly marked on the left.

The deployment in July by federal agents who, dressed in paramilitary outfit, and without a badge visible identification, there have been dozens of arrests, has hardened the movement, and, each night, clashes took place between the police and the protesters.

Local elected officials, democrats accuse Donald Trump of throwing oil on the coals and regret the intervention of the federal agents. The president, on his speech of determination to win a second term on 3 November, reproach them of being “leftist radicals”.

Far from preparing for a downturn, a hundred new agents of the Marshals, a federal unit, have been identified for new deployments, according to their spokesperson.

During his hearing, Bill Barr must also defend the police, which according to him has been “demonised” by the protesters and denouncing “the scandal’s can Russiagate”, in reference to the sprawling investigation on possible links between Moscow and the campaign team of Donald Trump in 2016, which has poisoned the first part of the mandate of the billionaire republican.

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