To the rescue of lunches

&Lunch rescue


Because back to school heralds the return of the lunch box, stocking up on a variety of reusable containers avoids being caught off guard when packing meals.&nbsp ;

Snack Container

Yogurt and granola, raw vegetables and dip, salad and dressing are easily transported in this Starfrit snack container. Featuring a 330ml main compartment and a 150ml top compartment, it separates foods that need to be mixed at the last minute. Microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. > $5.99 

All-purpose bowl

Some foods are best enjoyed in a bowl, such as soups, pasta sauce or stews. When it's time to prepare your lunch, just pour them into this leak-proof 1.1 liter bowl from Starfrit. Even when taken out of the microwave, its handle will remain cool for easy handling. > $8.99 

To each his own space

When the various components of a meals should not come into contact, it is best to reserve their own compartment for each. This Tracker set includes a large dish, a lid, an ice pack to keep the meal cold, a fork, a seasoning pot and three small removable containers. /en > $19.99 


By folding this Tracker colored silicone container, the storage space it requires is reduced by two thirds. This is practical for keeping order in the cabinet for lunch accessories. Microwave safe (without lid) and top rack dishwasher safe. > $19.99 

Freezer Lids

Inside the Lids of this Set of Two Gel Boxes Cool hides from the freezing gel to freeze. All you have to do is place the lids in the freezer until it is time to close the containers, so that they keep the meal cold for three to four hours. The boxes (400ml and 500ml) feature a removable interior divider and can be held together with a rubber band. > $59