To the search a heart full pandemic

À la recherche d'un cœur en pleine pandémie

Jérôme Top was far from suspecting that her whole life was going to change in December 2019.

The heart of the people of Quebec no longer works and needs a transplant as soon as possible.

“The electricity in the heart doesn’t work well. I had dizziness and, without me realizing it, my heart was beating much too fast when I was losing knowledge,” says Mr. Top in an interview with TVA News.

“We do not expect that someone in health has always played sports and had good habits of life is sick, especially in the heart,” laments his daughter, Laurie Top.

Jérôme Top has begun the process for a transplant in full pandemic; an obstacle which adds to those frequently encountered in normal time for such an operation.

Recent data from Transplant Québec show that the number of donors has fallen by half in April compared to the same period in 2019, its lowest number of donors in five years.

The fate of 800 people, including twenty children, depends entirely on the future organ donors, hence the importance of raising the awareness to the cause.

-With the information of Pascale Robitaille

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