To the second wave ?

Vers la deuxième vague ?

The epidemic of COVID-19 will be a second wave ?

The question, should we worry even if it is for the moment swept the back of the hand by a population which came to be tired of the confinement, and who wants to regain his freedom.

But the question is working when even the collective consciousness : what do we do if the situation becomes worrying, even alarming ?


One thing was certain : it will not be possible to enact a new containment overall.

The Quebecois are are loaned in good faith, against bad fortune good heart, for several months. They will not tolerate, however, to be again locked in their houses.

They expect with reason that the public authorities, who now know more about the COVID-19, to develop strategies that are more targeted, more effective, less brutal.

It also intends to mount a speech in the population that is least carefree resigned : the virus is there, he will have to learn to live with him, until we find a vaccine for the counter and the appropriate treatment to cure or save those it strikes.

In other words, it may not be a company absolutely has been sanitized. The safety absolute is an illusion, and an illusion that is expensive : she paid the price of our freedoms.

This does not mean that it is necessary to abandon the requirements of good sense and prudence. This pandemic will leave traces, some of our habits will not return.


Find the physical closeness will take time. The true camaraderie, hugs and the hugs will not go of itself.

And yet, it is necessary to live, and this is not live, that transform to be puny and fearful, seeing in every passer-by an enemy, or even a zombie.

The test is not finished, but it will have to be faced with more skill. It is necessary to prepare.

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