To transform, mend and… get (back) into sewing

To transform, mend and… get (back) into sewing

Émilie et Maud proposent aussi, un vide dressing.

Chez Chic & Cheap, on ne jette plus ces habits, on les transforme !

Clothing too short, too long, too tight, out of fashion, poorly cut, with holes… We don't throw away any more! Now, with the opening of Émilie Béguin's workshop, at Chic & Cheap, everything is possible: from a simple hem to the complete transformation or making of a garment. Émilie decided to make her little girl's dream come true: "I waited 14 years. It was Guilhem, my companion, who the day he got a stable job, said to me: "Go for it!""

Creations and edits

Holder of a sewing technician certificate, she has always worked, particularly in commerce, but she had never exercised her passion as a seamstress. At the end of 2023, she is therefore embarking on a business creation project. She creates beautiful, unique pieces (banana, pencil cases, bags, etc.) with original fabrics sold in the Chic & Cheap where around ten artisans have been sharing the exhibition-sale space since 2021. Maud Lefeuvre, owner, says: "With the opening of the sewing workshop, attendance has much increased. This allows you to discover new creations (dried flowers, ceramics, soaps, jewelry, clothing, etc.)". Émilie explains her approach: "In addition to the creations, I was asked more and more to make alterations. So I decided to make it a complementary activity where I can also exercise my creativity."For her new clients, for example, she transformed an old placemat into a table runner, pants into a skirt, and brought an old coat back to life by adding a yoke. Émilie understood that clothes can be loaded with a particular life story, with a sentimental attachment such as that "of a gentleman who brought me his leather coat elephant that he could no longer carry because he had gained weight. I added a tab and that's it! ", she explains, all smiles. She likes to take "the time to listen and adapt to the client's taste. While giving technical advice."

At a time when the second-hand market is exploding, where many brands, even luxury brands, are taking advantage of this trendy phenomenon, this workshop could allow Émilie to finally combine work and passion while making its contribution to the building of the circular economy.

At 70 rue du Faubourg-Boutonnet. sewing duty on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday (9:30 a.m.-2 p.m.) and Thursday (2:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.).

Correspondent: 07 86 12 64 91

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