To turn to receive help

À son tour de recevoir de l’aide

A conservator of Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac, who had helped several victims of the flooding of 2019 receives a return of the pendulum unexpected in these difficult times for his business, hard hit by the pandemic.

“The family Farsa we came to the aid when we were in trouble. For us, it is natural. We said it was our turn to give them back. This is not easy for restaurateurs at the moment “, explains René Dumaresque, a disaster of the rue Carole of the municipality of the Laurentides region.

During a flood in April 2019 that had engulfed nearly 3000 houses, Simon Farsa and his family have provided hundreds of free meals to disaster victims and volunteers.

“They are our neighbours. We live with them. He had to help, ” says the co-owner of the restaurant Farsa.

Just before the start of classes, they were invited back to their fellow citizens affected by the waters to come and eat for free in their establishment. The others were invited to give $ 10 for a pizza or for pasta.

“We were thus able to deliver 5550 $ to the flood victims for they can buy clothes for the children on the eve of the new school year,” says Mr. Farsa.

His family is also known for his involvement in numerous causes. “We really had fun doing it,” adds the man who has served for six years on the board of directors of the Fondation hôpital Saint-Eustache.

It helps

The Farsa had to close their sugar shack and restaurant on the 13th of march last for a period of three weeks because of the COVID-19. They turned to take-out orders.

Since the reopening last April, the residents of Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac spread the word to encourage the entrepreneur, who has been present to them in difficult times.

Thus, René Dumaresque, and the mother of two children, spends each week at the restaurant to go get some pizzas or ready meals.

“We could go buy elsewhere, but we reserve our budget prepared dishes and restaurants for those who have helped us,” she said.

“They are many to tell us that it is their turn to support us. We appreciate it a lot, even if at the beginning, we don’t do it to have something in return. But it is like that we’ll get out of it. By supporting one another, ” concludes Dr. Farsa.

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