To your cans: it’s the return of the deposit!

À vos canettes: c'est le retour de la consigne!

THREE-RIVERS – convenience stores and grocery stores have started to take the cans and empty bottles on Monday, outside of the greater Montreal area.

Clearly, the population was anxious that this service will resume.

In Trois-Rivières, the queues have lengthened in front of the retailers. Consumers have filled their baskets from the morning to empty their reserve of instructions.

Thousands of dollars in investment

The majority of the merchants has opted for the temporary shelters in the parking lots. Others have chosen to create separate premises with a separate entrance for the collection.

“We have invested thousands of dollars to move the facility. We had to pay an electrician to move the gobeuses for the recovery of cans. It has also been moved to shelves and installed structures such as separators made of plexiglass for the employees”, explains the owner of the IGA Channel Family Paquette, Francis Desrochers.

In this grocery store, one customer at a time can enter, to bring his cans and empty bottles. The facilities are then disinfected.

Too early?

For the canadian Council of the retail trade, this decision of the Quebec arrive too early. The association – which represents the chains, Metro, Sobeys and Loblaw – considers that the recovery of the service adds an additional burden on retailers, who are still trying to avoid the contamination between their walls.

“While the pandemic continues, for us it was not a priority. We understand the desire of Quebecers to get rid of their containers and we took the pressure of the brewing industry, but for us this is not simple,” explains the president of the association, Marc Fortin.

“Members have paid out over$ 200,000 in shelters, temporary! This is not nothing! Then, you must hire staff, move containers to the rear of the buildings for the businesses that are going to collect everything. Retailers are worried,” he continued to denounce the resumption of the service.

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