Today with a star: how Eugene Mishka and Sonya Placidus voiced cartoon characters “Angry birds movie 2”

Behind the scenes of the Ukrainian dubbing of the animation “Angry birds movie 2”

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Сегодня со звездой: как Евгений Кошевой и Соня Плакидюк озвучивали героев мультфильма "Angry birds в кино 2"

Yevgeniy Koshevoy voiced by Chuck of “Angry birds movie 2”

On August 8 Ukrainian cinemas launched the premiere of the cartoon “Angry Birds movie 2” which shows the story of a new heroine. In the sequel to the animation “Angry Birds epic” which saw the light of day in 2016, the confrontation of evil birds and green pigs insolent move to a new level. Now it will attend the exotic bird by the name Zeta – the inhabitant of the third, frozen island. She believes that everyone should feel the power of cold, and begins the attack on distant relatives living in warmer climes.

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In the Ukrainian dubbing of the animated film “Angry Birds movie 2” took part the Ukrainian stars of show business. Voice actor and host Eugene Mishka talks one of the main characters, energetic Chuck, and Ukrainian voice birds Fuchsia was a stellar photographer Sonya Placidus. How was the voice acting cartoon with comments and impressions of celebrities, see videos.

Backstage Ukrainian dubbing “Angry Birds movie 2”

We Will Remind, Today.Lifestyle has launched a new video project with the stars of Ukrainian show-business “Today with a star”. In this celebrity talk about how they spend their working day to reveal interesting facts and highlights of his work, and also show behind the scenes of show business.

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