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Members of the Ukrainian Duo TamerlanAlenathat exclusive Today.Lifestyle told is about a romantic proposal of marriage, together on stage for 11 years! The couple spend time together not only at home but also at rehearsals, in the recording Studio, on tour and filming. After all, engaged in joint business! Running in the morning, classes in the dance Studio and recording a new album – day of stars is painted on minutes.

Сегодня со звездой: один день из жизни дуэта TamerlanAlena

The Duo TamerlanAlena

Listen to the interview with the Duo TamerlanAlena:

As we told the celebrity couple, their day begins with the main responsibilities – to take his son Timur in kindergarten. Then all the other cases. Of course, most of the time the artists spend in the Studio recording tracks. TamerlanAlena new album titled X, which will be released on February 28, was created over two years.

You spend a lot of time together. How to start a day?

Alain: you Wake up and the first thing Tamerlan drove son to kindergarten. Then can go about their business. We try to plan the day. There are shooting days, which is long and rich. The morning always starts with exercise. My must have on the day – water aerobics and massage. Day always processes of rehearsal, shooting, trying, write, and more. When I have some free daytime, can an hour or two to relax at home. All the songs, by the way, also compose the house. After additional groups of stacked Timur to sleep and go into our Studio to finish the tracks.

Tamerlane: the Morning I start with Jogging. It is a charge for the whole day, you feel in good shape. We depart from home on business. We live out of town, so I try to plan everything. Every day we should be most fruitful.

Сегодня со звездой: один день из жизни дуэта TamerlanAlena

The Duo TamerlanAlena

How much time do you spend in the Studio?

Alena: it All depends on what the task is. You can be 2-5 hours or the whole day. I love working in the Studio.

Tamerlan: we also Have our own Studio in the house where we live. There, too, spend a lot of time rehearsing and writing music.

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Have you thought about a solo career?

Alena: We thought, of course. Used separately, did some collaborations. But the popularity in Ukraine received only when they began to sing along, thanks to the Duo TamerlanAlena. To solo work, I think we will come in the future. Won’t look ahead.

Tamerlane: It is always a moment of creativity. You want to develop and go further. Why not? A solo career can be even and parallel to do. We write a lot, we have a lot of material. For example, in the new album there is songs written a year ago. We also have singles that are in style are not suitable for our Duo. So you can use them in other projects.

Сегодня со звездой: один день из жизни дуэта TamerlanAlena

TamerlanAlena in the recording Studio

You can imagine that Tamerlan’s other profession, and you work together.

Alena: I tried to imagine it. In Tamerlane there are many other talents besides music. I would be interested. Maybe we’d miss you more each other. Can’t imagine how I’d go on tour without Tamerlane? What would we talk tonight? How was everyone’s day and who is doing what?

Tamerlane: Me too it is hard to imagine. This is the moment habits. Common cause and goal and make the spouses more United and stronger family. I believe that it is important to have in a relationship one common cause in which you believe together and working on it.

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Сегодня со звездой: один день из жизни дуэта TamerlanAlena

Сегодня со звездой: один день из жизни дуэта TamerlanAlena

Сегодня со звездой: один день из жизни дуэта TamerlanAlena

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