Todorenko and Topalov revealed the secret to a perfect fatherhood: “to Mock her husband.”

Тодоренко и Топалов раскрыли секрет идеального отцовства: "Издеваться над мужем..."

today, 17:41

Known Ukrainian TV presenter and singer Regina todorenko often attracts the attention of fans of the unusual posts in Instagram. Recently, the celebrity has put a funny photo with their son Michael, which on 5 December was a year old. So, star family become heroes of the new rooms gloss “OK!” she and Regina decided to explain how to maintain good relations with the second half after the baby is born.

Many women complain that men do not participate in the upbringing of children under a certain age! They are not interested the child, maybe it is unclear what to do with him, annoying the wife, which is always “in the soap” and the housewife routine. But grudnichkovye period is very important for parents to remain together, so that the child had the opportunity to see the love of two hearts. Our Michael bursts out laughing with joy when we are with VM, kiss and hug; the kid sometimes even applauds 🙈 us.
I think the reason for the removal of most of the dad from the children is that in this period “donsimoni” everything must be done by a woman: “wash the pacifier”, “clean linen”, “change diapers”, “order hypoallergenic powder”, and yet would not hurt a nursing mom to eat ☺ I🙈. Hard male leader(the head of the family) to understand that the woman at this point tries to take the reins into their own hands and mock her husband as over the puppet, and just needs help, love and care. Studies show that in families where the father participated in the upbringing of the baby since birth, the relationship “father-son , dad-daughter” is much stronger.
It seems to me that after childbirth the mother must give maternity leave for child care and daddy leave to care for her mother.”, – shared secret to a perfect relationship Todorenko.

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