Todorenko showed how feeds son Breasts, so tenderly: “Thank you for choosing us”

Тодоренко показала, как кормит сына грудью, так трепетно: "Спасибо, что выбрал нас"

today, 14:43

Known Ukrainian TV presenter and singer Regina todorenko often attracts the attention of fans of the unusual posts in Instagram. Recently, the celebrity has exposed the quivering photo, congratulating them with Vlad Topalov son Misha from his first birthday, which occurred 5 Dec. So, the artist put up a very controversial photo, showing how feeds the baby’s chest in a luxurious black dress.

#cinemagine the whole of our big family )
Exactly a Year ago to us from heaven an angel came down 👼! His name is Michael, Michelle, Mike 🐻…..
For me it is the greatest happiness is to be a mom to such a wonderful person)
Thank you for choosing us, thank you so abruptly changed our lives, my dad and I love you infinitely much! ❤ this be better than us, be above us, be cool , be stronger and more successful , just be yourself, and we will support you in all your endeavors!”, – shared joy Todorenko. Followers were delighted and covered the young mother comlimentary and congratulations.

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