Todorenko taken aback slim figure in a bikini: “After the pregnancy I gained 18 pounds”

Тодоренко огорошила стройной фигурой в бикини: "После беременности поправилась на 18 кило"

today, 16:21

Known Ukrainian TV presenter and singer Regina todorenko often attracts the attention of fans of the unusual posts in Instagram. Recently, the celebrity has put gorgeous shot, posing on the Paradise island of Bali, where he had arrived on vacation with my family – year-old son Misha and her husband Vlad Topalov. So, skinny actress tried on a white-blue swimsuit, lit up a slim figure and abs of steel.

If you are offered car Mercedes or 1 000 000 RUB., which will you choose ?”, asked Todorenko. Followers also began to reflect on the question in the comments, but also admire the figure of a young mom. It should be noted that Regina is to face a popular brand of swimwear and tights Сalzedonia, but during pregnancy the beauty gained 18 pounds, in what does not refusing. Immediately after the birth of Michael, the presenter persistently engaged in sports and yoga, and a diet and don’t forget about the massages.

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that Regina Todorenko wrote that the Americans and the Japanese – a much more cheerful Ukrainians, and then narrowed her eyes with the fingers.

Also a celebrity wearing an orange Sari, sang to Sandora for some very mysterious language.

And the actress appeared in a very unusual advertising yogurt with sprinkles, showing two sides of himself and shone a huge pregnant tummy.

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