Todorenko was accused of promoting “poison”, fans caught a young mother on a lie

Тодоренко обвинили в пропаганде "яда", фанаты подловили молодую маму на лжи

today, 11:44

Known Ukrainian TV presenter and singer Regina todorenko often attracts the attention of fans of the unusual posts in Instagram. Recently, the celebrity has put up a new photo posing at home, after returning from the Paradise of the Maldives, where the rest of them with Vlad Topalov-old son Misha. So, the actress tried on only pajamas milky and warm socks, advertising the popular chocolate and noting how the snow loves the winter. It is worth noting that the cold season Regina held in a warmer climate: Bali and the Maldives.

“I think winter is absolutely magical family time, and I always loved it as a child, now. I can’t wait, when can the whole family to ride on cheesecakes all day and night to bundle up in a blanket with a Cup of tea and watch a movie 💜”, – reflected Todorenko. The followers don’t believe star beauty: “How strange you are like the winter. All the time on the seas. This is certainly good,but here on the hill we have this year have not seen” “Yes, especially if the winter in Maldives )”, “Regina,you’re doing stunning work (according to Forbes)!Well, it is not necessary, when people are on the verge of mass obesity,diabetes,health problems in children and adults, to advertise pure poison-industrial sugar!Cannot earn all the money.”, “That’s why all winter I sit in Bali😆😆😆”.

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Тодоренко обвинили в пропаганде "яда", фанаты подловили молодую маму на лжи

Тодоренко обвинили в пропаганде "яда", фанаты подловили молодую маму на лжи

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Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that Regina Todorenko wrote that the Americans and the Japanese – a much more cheerful Ukrainians, and then narrowed her eyes with the fingers.

Also a celebrity wearing an orange Sari, sang to Sandora for some very mysterious language.

And the actress appeared in a very unusual advertising yogurt with sprinkles, showing two sides of himself and shone a huge pregnant tummy.


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