Together for the last time

Réunis pour la dernière fois

For the first time in eight weeks, Fabien Cloutier and Marie-Soleil Dion were animated together, physically, the latest issue of It’s going to go, Thursday night. A meaningful way to complete the project, which, with the déconfinement, loses the original reason for its creation.

At the other end of the wire, the two facilitators were not surprised by the end of the show, announced last week.

“We started to move, to get away, we went to see Richard Séguin, among others. And perhaps, in moving, one became a standard, so that It go well is a show of confined “, emphasises Fabien Cloutier at the other end of the wire.

His accomplice is of the same opinion. “This show was done to accompany people in difficult and transitional,” says Marie-Soleil Dion. We knew from the start that it was a show to be temporary. It was to last for four weeks and we made it eight. From the time that other kinds of shows is restarted, it does not report that it is locked in our rooms. “

The two leaders said they are proud of the work accomplished, and with good reason. Animate a daily created in 10 days is an achievement. “I had the feeling that there was something,” adds Marie-Soleil Dion. The public reaction has been very strong and this is what has been the most pleasant. The impression of being part of a movement. “

Actually, the public was at the rendezvous, with an average listening of 960 000 viewers on a daily basis.


The two animators entrust learn from all of this television experience. “We’ll have to give thought to how we are going back to the tv,” says Marie-Soleil Dion. I think that it is not necessary that it become a standard, and it says it is : it was done like that, we are going to do it again. Because this is not cool not to have to technicians. Yes, we have managed to do it, but the work of everyone is essential on a plate. I realize it even more. “

Even with the end of It’s going to go well, Fabien Cloutier hopes that the québec television continues to highlight its citizens.

“There are still a lot of initiatives to put forward,” he said. He will have to continue to give a voice to all the people of Quebec. As for me, when I’m going to re-embark in another project tele, it will be because I will have the opportunity to go for a walk and go to the meeting of all the world. “

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