Tokyo provides six weeks in London to find a bilateral trade agreement

Tokyo donne six semaines à Londres pour trouver un accord commercial bilatéral

TOKYO | The chief negotiator of Japan in the discussions with the United Kingdom regarding a bilateral trade agreement post-Brexit has given until the end of July in London to conclude the work, the last time according to him to have a chance of ratification until 2021.

“To avoid a vacuum in January”, when the output of the United Kingdom of the european Union becomes effective, the trade agreement anglo-japanese “will be voted on this fall” by japan’s Parliament, said Mr Matsuura said in an interview with the Financial Times published on Tuesday.

“This means that we must complete the negotiations by the end of July”, he added.

The urgency that the two countries will have to “limit their ambitions” on this agreement, he further warned.

This agreement should largely be based on that between Japan and the european Union, Jefta, which entered into force in February 2019.

However, London had reported hope to conclude a bilateral agreement with Japan is more favorable, which would reduce or eliminate more tariffs japanese.

The negotiations between London and Brussels are themselves difficult.

Last week, the representative of the european Union to the United Kingdom, the Portuguese Joao Vale de Almeida, has tempered the hopes of the british to be fixed as soon as July on the prospect of a post-Brexit between the two parties.

He instead set the more modest objective of a compromise by October to avoid a “no deal” after 2020.

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