Tom Brady garland his teammates

Tom Brady cheers on his teammates


Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady vigorously garlanded his offensive line during Sunday's matchup against the Steelers in Pittsburgh. 

< p> “You are so much better than the way you are playing now,” shouted the 45-year-old athlete, after moving to the sidelines to convey his message to those who have the mission to protect him . 

Brady's gesture came in the final moments of the first half as the 'Bucs' trailed 10 to 6. His message obviously did not have the desired effect and the Florida team was defeated on the count of 20 to 18.

The holder of seven Super Bowl rings threw just one touchdown pass against the Steelers in the final moments of the game. He finished his matchup with 25 completions on 40 attempts for 243 yards. In addition, the center suffered two sacks.

After the game, Brady did not throw members of his offensive line under the bus in front of the media.

< p>“It's our whole attack. We have to do a better job with our ground game and our aerial game… Everyone has to do their job better, he said. There are no players performing at a high level right now.”

“I think we are all playing below what we are capable of. I think we all need to look in the mirror and understand why,” Brady added.

The Buccaneers are now 3-3 and have not outplayed any opponent since the start of hostilities in the NFL in 2022. They will try to remedy this situation next Sunday, when they will be in Carolina to face the Panthers (1-5).