Tom cruise refused to communicate with her daughter: what happened

Religious views interfere with the actor to communicate with the child

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Том Круз отказался от общения с дочерью: что произошло

Tom Cruise

Famous Hollywood actor Tom cruise, who Nicole Kidman was forbidden to come to the wedding of their adopted son, broke relations with her only daughter Suri.

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As reported in the Western edition of US Weekly, Tom cruise is forbidden to communicate with 13-year-old girl because of religion. It turns out that Hollywood actor – Scientologist (a new type of religion, which adheres to the idea that people live more than one life. – Ed.). And since Suri is not representative of this religious movement, communication between father and daughter is impossible. On this edition said the former follower of the Church of Scientology, Samantha Domingo.

Том Круз отказался от общения с дочерью: что произошло

Tom cruise s dongkou Sur

However, the official representatives of this Church categorically deny all allegations of the women, calling them fiction.

“Everything that concerns your investigation, distorts the concept of the Church of Scientology, its activities and lifestyle”, – reads the statement of the Church.

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So the real reason why Tom decided not to maintain a relationship with biological daughter, remains unknown. Note that the last time Tom cruise and Suri were seen together in 2013. This artist supports communication with adopted children from his marriage to actress Nicole Kidman — 26-year-old Isabella and 24-year-old Connor. They are both Scientologists.

We will remind that earlier the daughter of Tom and Nicole in an open letter thanked the father for what he has done to link your life with Scientology.

Previously, we reported that the film “edge of tomorrow” with Tom cruise will get a sequel.

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